I know but I can’t say. Why is it that when people are tasked with keeping certain facts quiet they like to share them with me? Do I just have one of those faces?  On the one hand, I feel a certain pleasure in being trusted with information, being in the “inner circle.” On the other hand, since I am fundamentally forthright in nature, I struggle, especially if the information I have been gifted can impact others who have not yet been told. I understand that some information is such that it must be released in the appropriate time, place & by the appropriate person but I find the waiting challenging, quiet.

Cruise Challenge: last weight in 131.0. My diet is good; I am not lifting weights as much as I should. My clothes are fitting better. I signed up for a free fitness teleseminar and ended up with a copy of Turbulence Training for Women. It looks very similar to BFL but with a focus on workout intensity. Since I have a tendency to go easy, I plan to try some of the workouts. I need something to improve my commitment.

Teaching: I am currently teaching 97 students general genetics 4 days per week. It seems as though half of the students are keeping up and doing well. They are perhaps a bit bored. The other half are struggling. I learned recently that not all students have equivalent fundamental skills. For example, one student had difficulty adding 1/2 + 1/4. I am not sure this student will survive some of the mathematics needed for the class: Bayesian analysis, chi square analysis, LOD scores, and Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. It is difficult in a class of 97 to get class participation, especially from those who are falling behind; they are simply too embarrassed to ask their questions in front of the group. I wish they would as I suspect that many could benefit from hearing the answers. However, a large auditorium is not conducive to having significant participation or one on one interactions. I do have a tendency to end a few minutes early which makes the students more likely to at least ask their questions after class. I have noticed some will stay to hear the Q & A even if they don’t actively participate. Students may hate the assessment piece (i.e. testing) but is the only way I will learn whether they are learning the material.

For Christmas, my husband got me the complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seasons 1 to 7. I think I starting watching the show in season 4 or 5, but never saw any of the early shows. I am completely addicted. I’m currently watching season 2 which is simply outstanding. Now all I need are the complete 9 seasons of the X-files (I’m waiting for the price to come down), The Pretender, for the studios to release Cupid (one of the best TV shows ever) to DVD, and perhaps Angelto complete my Buffy-verse collection. It’s probably obvious that I stopped watching television completely a few years ago.

SAD: Season Affective Disorder affects about 15% of the population, mostly women. It’s snowing again. I feel blue. I’ve lived in Colorado since 1995. In that time I’ve experienced on average 300+ sunny days a year. If the snow hits it generally melts within a day or three. This winter has been unique. Three large storms in as many weeks. Cities are running out of places to put the plowed snow. We are currently in a frigid, gray, period of snow flurries. When I lived in Cleveland for college, I struggled with the winters. I survived only by the grace of the UV lamps in tanning salons: great for my mood, terrible for my skin. Sun & bright light needed here. Please send soon.

2 comments on “Quiet
  1. Irene says:

    I wonder how Alaskans handle the lack of sunlight? How’s your cruise challenge progressing?

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Irene
    I have no idea!
    Cruise challenge doing OK. I need to measure soon. Last weigh in 130.8 so down almost 3 lbs. Pants getting looser.
    Thanks for checking in. 🙂