New Job, week 1

I’m one week into my new job as the Executive Director of the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship.

When I was doing HR training last week one of the other participants asked me how I spend me day. I half-jokingly replied that my job was talking with people. Yes I do things, and write things, and will ultimately help build new programs but a large majority of my time is spent meeting  and talking with people. There are many people to meet: students, incubator companies, faculty, advisory council members, interested community members, potential program sponsors, etc.

Soon it will be time to begin advertising our annual business plan competition. We have some terrific new courses being offered for the first time this semester including one geared for people interested in launching non-profit ventures as well as a series of classes in bioscience entrepreneurship. I wish these courses had been available when I was student. I definitely plan to sit in on the classes I did not get the opportunity to take as a student.

I have been incredibly fortunate in that three of the people who have held this job in the past have been willing to meet with me, share their insights, and give advice and suggestions. The Chair of my advisory committee has been wonderfully generous with his time, advice, experience and insight.  More importantly, all seem willing to help or provide candid feedback going forward. In these early days, it is difficult to know in what ways I will need their help or in what areas I will need their insights. However, it is reassuring knowing they will be there if and when needed.

Week 1 summary: busy, optimistic

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  1. Irene says:

    Congratulations on week 1!