Mt. Bierstadt

Today my husband and I went to Mt. Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s fourteeners. It started out cold with a forecast of light rain. While we needed to layer to start the climb, we missed the rain. The cooler weather overall made the climb easier. It took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach the geological survey marker at the top.



The last bit of the climb was fairly challenging. Essentially a large pile of rocks.


The view from the top was simply spectacular.


There is another mountain pass called Saw Tooth given the jagged shape of the peaks. Some people climb from Mt. Bierstadt over to Saw Tooth. The write-up sounded more technically challenging that either of us are up to at this point. Also, there is that  risk of certain death if you misstep in the wrong place.


This picture does not do it justice, but the sun rising behind Saw Tooth as the clouds drifted by was simply breathtaking.

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  1. dg says:

    WOW what amazing views!