Month 1 Update Goals 2009

Where did January go?

You know that it’s been too long when your mom emails to find out why you have not been blogging.

I have three major goals for 2009- improved fitness, learning Spanish and seeking out bliss.

While I have not been good at writing down my progress, I have been actively pursuing my goals.

Fitness – I joined the new LifeTime Fitness Center in my neighborhood. I have been meeting a friend there about 5 times a week. I have started swimming again. I’m getting stronger and faster. I’m not sure why I’m willing to drive about 10 miles to work out when I’ve had a membership to a gym about 2 block from my work that I rarely used. I think it’s because I’ve had a friend who has consistently met me there, either mornings or evenings depending what will work for my schedule. Knowing someone is waiting or would be waiting helps me get there.

I want to see my abs again this year. I’m close. I weighed and measured recently. I estimate I need to lose 5 or 6 measly pounds of fat to reach this goal.

Spanish– I have not made as much progress adding a new language. I did move the first 30 lessons from CD to iPod but that has not helped much.

Bliss – Ah the bliss. I think this must be my real goal for 2009. The bliss is everywhere. It’s been a great month. Seeing my friend, who was in a coma for about a month after her stroke last fall, walk a few blocks to enjoy a meal at Chipotle with me. Having her talk about returning to work any day now. Going for my first motorcycle ride to the mountains with a good friend because it was sunny and 70 in January. Getting home before the snow blew in. Getting a massage; a facial; a manicure; a pedicure. Taking my very first ski lesson. Not falling. Sitting on an outdoor deck in the snow looking up on the mountains sharing conversation with a good friend over lunch. Connecting with someone who could become important. Having him cook dinner for me. Watching the people walk by on sunny days sharing conversation over coffee with good friends.

And, I finally have some closure on my home situation. My now ex-husband and I filed for divorce in July and promptly put our house on the market. Our divorce finalized in October. After 6 months, more than 54 showings, a price drop of 12.5% and no offers, my ex and I came to an agreement. Yesterday we met at the bank, transferred money to him and the title on the house to me. I cannot express how relieved I am to know that I can move my belonging out of the garage and into the house; that I can count on the house being locked when I get home; that I can leave the bed unmade from time to time; that I won’t get 15 minutes warning to leave for 2 hours on Saturday mornings.