Make A Wish

I think they make you pay to run in races so that you actually show up. Today I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. I would have liked nothing better but to crawl back in bed. Instead I downed an Emer’gen C (great stuff) and some Alleve and started layering on my running clothes to prepare for the Domino’s Pizza Make-A-Wish half marathon. The directions to the parking site were great and there were lots of volunteers directing traffic. I was relieved to find that there were also many Port-O-Lets to help with my nervous bladder. Since this was my first race/run ever in a group, I was pretty nervous about the entire thing. It was 30 degrees and snowing when we started. I realize that I am a wimp, I prefer to run in a climate controlled environment with as few clothes as possible. This was the first time that I had ever run in a jacket let alone gloves.

I met up with a friend from work in the check in area. He had signed up for the event when he had learned that I’d registered for it. Given the weather and how I was feeling this morning, if I did not know that he would be there I honestly might have just followed my urge and gone back to bed. His goal for the half-marathon was to just keep me company. If I sped up he sped up; if my pace slowed to a crawl, so did his. This was the first time that he and I had ever run together. Since I normally run alone it was a bit strange to have a running partner, but good, as I might have caved into the urge to walk had someone not been with me.

Running in the snow layered up with clothes was not as bad as I feared. In fact I did not even notice the blisters on my feet until they warmed up a bit on the drive home. My knees held up pretty well. My IT bands are screaming but I don’t feel the agony that was the patella rubbing that happened a few weeks ago. I also learned that I do not do enough hill training. I love HIIT but rarely include incline work into my intervals. There were a few areas where there was a slight grade up (maybe 4 or 5%) but for like a mile (or at least it seemed like a mile). Actually my knees preferred the incline, but my muscles did not. At about mile 10, I started to seriously reconsider my marathon training plans (as in I was considering a marathon why exactly?). I think it stopped snowing at about mile 12. Final time: 2 hours 8 minutes (average pace of 9:48 or so). Overall I am pleased with the results. Heck I’m glad to have just finished the thing. I would not go so far as to say it was fun but I’m glad that I didn’t just go back to bed this morning.

Addendum: Official Results are available. I was 113th out of 210 women and 19th out of 31 women in my age group. Since I could not run even a mile back in August 2004 I really cannot complain about the results of my very first race.

9 comments on “Make A Wish
  1. Maggie says:

    Great job on finishing the race! (And getting out of bed in the first place.)
    Hills are my nemesis, too, and running with extra baggage like gloves and a jacket is not much fun either.
    Another major goal achieved for you. ::cheers::

  2. Cathy says:

    Thanks Maggie! It feels good to check something off of my list of fitness goals.

  3. Irene says:

    Cheers to you Cathy! Your pace was fantastic for a 1/2 marathon, even with snow! I hope your IT bands will recoup quickly and all that screaming will go away. I’m thrilled for you! You did it!

  4. Kyra says:

    CATHY! OMG! 19th in your age group for a first race, in the SNOW, with extra clothes and not feeling well is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t knock it, you rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re Awesome!!!
    Wanna know something funny? I have never run a half, I just went for the whole shebang and ran a full marathon. I want to do a half. My marathon photo of me as at the halfway mark – I was happy then… LOL I will never be anyone who places decently in ANY age group, if there are 200 women in my group i will be #200, BUT – for me it’s amazing enough to even be one of the finishers at ALL. You went so far beyond that, AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  5. Cathy says:

    Thanks Kyra & Irene!
    Kyra my major goal was just finishing it. And egad you went straight for the marathon! wow!

  6. Jacqui says:

    I just wanted to chime in … Great job and good thing you got out of bed! Now you have a major accomplishment under your belt. Good for you!!
    — Jacqui

  7. nico says:

    Many Congrats Cathy for your marathon and what a nice accomplishment you did. What a major goal you did Cheers to you.

  8. Julie says:

    Yahoo You! I am so happy you reached your goal: you finished!! I can’t believe that you have never run in jacket and gloves!! You must hit those beautiful trails around your home, you must! You will find a new appreciation for running outside. You live in CO, don’t you? My gosh, the outdoors is awaiting your arrival! The mountains! The trails! They are waiting for you!! You live in a runners paradise!! OK, really, I am proud of you and 2:08 is incredible.

  9. Cathy says:

    Thank you Jacqui, Nico & Julie.
    Julie I confess I’m a wimp. I like to run in the privacy of my home with just some lycra pants & a jog bra. I cannot imagine wearing that in public. I don’t even belong to a gym. At least inside, even running with a t-shirt just bothers me so a coat and gloves were really pushing my comfort limits. And yes, I’m in CO and we have an abundance of open space and great trails. I just haven’t tried them yet.