I covet

I don’t normally covet things that other people have. I generally have no need or desire to "keep up with the Jones’." I almost always will choose function over form. But today I covet. I covet deeply. I want.

Brad Feld has built my dream treadmill or as he calls it, the "Treadputer." Oh my. Not only does he have a high end treadmill, but his computer rocks as well. Three monitors. Three large monitors. I feel like Golem, "my precious." Alas, I somehow think that even if I had the cash I would find it difficult to justify building.

One comment on “I covet
  1. nichole says:

    OMG. now that is multi-tasking..yikes! and I have trouble toggling the volume on my Ipod. That set up would surely send me flying off the back. hahah.