Helping Others Dream

I met my friend George about five years ago in the virtual world of Asheron’s Call. Fortuitously, it turned out that we were essentially neighbors. We have stayed in touch over the years. George is the principal of Aspen Valley High School, an alternative high school in Colorado Springs. George’s school district has received a $2 Million state grant to expand programs for students who have been expelled or are risk of dropping out.

I have written elsewhere about how critical I believe that education and access to quality education is for improving life for everyone, everywhere. Brian Newsome wrote an excellent article on the classes and programs being developed with this grant. The programs look to be a combination of life skills and traditional course work to help the students get back on track with their education. Many of the classes will be offered in the evening or on-line to increase accessibility.

My friend George said the grant is Christmas come early. The district’s alternative students are not bad kids, he said. “The part of the demographic that people don’t often think about are kids who just haven’t figured out how to dream for themselves.

Thank you George for helping others find their own dreams.