Back in November, Kyra painted in a new style. I have another one of her prints, Moonlit Crossing, which is image #24 of 24 in her main gallery. But with Kyra’s new painting, I had one of those I must have this moments and sent her an email. Within a few hours we’d agreed on a price. It took weeks for the paint to dry. Finally she shipped it to me. The day it was to arrive I got this concerning message from UPS: THE PACKAGE IS DELAYED DUE TO A TRAIN DERAILMENT. I kid you not.  Finally it arrived. It then took me another week or two to get a suitable frame for it. At last, it is framed and hung.


The blurry BlackBerry photo does not do it justice. The frame is actually silver which is also hard to tell in this image. But you can get the idea.

You can see a higher quality image on Kyra’s blog.

Thanks Kyra!

Image copyright to Kyra Wilson.