Colin Farrell

It's easy to find news of celebrities taking a moment at the holidays to work at a soup kitchen or helping the homeless. I'm not discounting those deeds as any service is  worthy. But there are certain celebrities who seem to treat their service to others as more than just an annual photo opportunity. Colin Farrell is one of these. 

Almost every month, I come across stories of Colin Farrell quietly (or not so quietly) doing for others. Back in September, Colin made news for taking a homeless man, Stress, a man he'd met several years ago, in Toronto on a grand shopping spree.

Colin apparently has a son with Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. I teach my students about this disease but being able to point to someone whom it affects will certainly have more impact. While I may study such disorders from afar in the laboratory, Colin has been working with the Special Olympics since before his son's birth.

More recently Colin was in the news supporting an Irish child abuse prevention charity.

Thank you Colin, for all that you do.