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I recently subscribed to MyBlogLog and it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite community building tools. Late at night I like to traipse through the Internet clicking on faces I see that interest me, drifting to new places, finding new jewels. Sometimes I see someone new checking out my own websites. Sometimes I wend my way from a familiar blog to new territory.

I recently found a beautiful ode to coffee (my favorite beverage) on Clayton Lowe’s website.


the black magic

warms my heart,

soothes my soul

takes me on journeys near and far in cups.

– c.lowe

Some of his posts are pictures, some poems, and some breathtaking prose. His bio is as unique and impressive as his words and pictures. It’s a nice place. A respite.

Similarly, I found my way to Christine Kane, musician and personal growth facilitator. Her blog’s subtitle is: Be Creative. Be Conscious. Be Courageous. She is all that and encourages her readers to similarly stretch and grow. I have been pondering a spa vacation/retreat for months, ideally with a close female friend who lives across the country that I don’t get to see often enough (hint Chris). And behold, Christine holds budget friendly weekend retreats several times a year focusing on reflection, silence, examining life directions, and mapping out plans for creating a more authentic life. Sign me up!

One comment on “Blog Widgets
  1. Clay Lowe says:

    Hi Cath,
    Thanks for the plug and the very kind words.