Bionic Eyes

One of my biggest fears about aging is loss of vision. This research headline fills me with hope.

Australian scientists begin human tests on 'bionic eye'

There are some forms of blindness where the optic nerve that carries the visual input remains intact. Australian scientists created an interface between the healthy optic nerve and a video camera attached to a pair of glasses to send visual signals into the brain. The goal is to provide enough "vision" that people would not need seeing eye dogs except as companions. So far one patient has seen light for the first time in years. These same researchers are working on developing electrodes to implant directly into the visual cortex of the brain to help those people with degeneration of the optic nerve. I can envision a world where blindness is  history. 

2 comments on “Bionic Eyes
  1. Irene says:

    This is tremendous news. I wonder if this emerging technology will lead to some sort of aid to people with macular degeneration…

  2. alex says:

    i was instructed to read other blogs related to topic for school and i agree with your point of view and find the article and story on its own interesting. hopefully, the austrailan researchers can continue to find and develop more technology. and like it said in the initial article, be able to let the seeing eye dogs be what they were before, just pets.