I spent the day in the law offices of Holland and Hart, LLP. They were the hosts of the Biobootcamp that I attended today that was jointly sponsored with the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship, the Colorado BioScience Association and the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority. It’s a two day event but unfortunately I cannot attend Friday’s sessions due to meetings at work that I just cannot skip. I’m hoping that my partner in the Business Plan Competition will be able to make some or all of tomorrow’s talks. These very focused presentations helped us to identify some important issues that we had not carefully considered in our Business Plan.

The event (7:30 AM to 6:00 PM) was generously catered; the speakers were outstanding; a binder containing the powerpoint slides for each presentation was available for note taking; the entire event was being videotaped and we can receive CDs of the event by request.

Topics covered today included:

  • Starting with the End in Mind – great overview of all the topics
  • Early Stage and IP Evaluation – what is your Intellectual Property Advantage
  • Protection of your Technology – Patent Law overview
  • Innovating New Businesses – Seeing your business as an integrated system rather than a bunch of separate departments
  • Market Analysis – How to do it & how to evaluate your competition
  • Reimbursements and Strategic Partners – How to start the process of getting third party payers to pay for your drug, diagnostic, etc.
  • Regulatory Issues – the FDA approval process
  • Commercializing a Biotechnology Means Starting with a Commercial Orientation – How to bring your product to market

Tomorrow I am missing:

  • Financing and Funding Options
  • Finding Talent and Forming a Management
  • Team Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Formation
  • Panel Discussion on Lessons Learned from Bioscience Entrepreneurs

All in all, this event was superb. I feel very lucky that we were able to attend.

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