Ben’s Book

I started reading Ben’s blog in the summer of 2004 during my second semester of business school. Brad Feld had spoken at one of my classes and mentioned his own blog. In one of Brad’s posts, he mentioned Ben. I’ve been reading Ben’s blog ever since. I find it somewhat humbling to read Ben’s blog. For one, he has accomplished more with his very short life than most people I know. He’s an articulate writer who reads extensively and thinks very deeply about a variety of topics. It is no surprise that he was asked to write a autobiography of his extraordinary entrepreneurial life even though he is not yet old enough to toast his success with a glass of champagne.

His new book, My Start-Up Life, will be released in May. You can read some early reviews on Ben’s blog and learn more on the website dedicated to the book. Way to go Ben!

2 comments on “Ben’s Book
  1. Irene says:

    It always amazes me when someone so young can think so deeply and beyond his years.

  2. Cathy says:

    Yep. But it’s more than just the thinking. He’s started a successful company, travelled the world, written his biography (soon to be published)and has yet to turn 21 or start college. He did all this while being captain of his high school basketball team and having an otherwise relatively normal teen experience. I just cannot express how I marvel at how much he has done while remaining well integrated into his peer group. He was apparently willing to speak at college classes. I missed his post while I was teaching but it would have been terrific for the students I had last quarter to see/meet/interact with someone like this. I always feel simultaneously inspired and humbled when I read his words and accomplishments.