Art of Manliness – for women?

I am hooked on the Art of Manliness.  I don’t read it daily, or even weekly, but month after month, year after year, I keep going back. Sometimes it’s for the gear. Seriously. This year the GR2 caught my eye, but a saddleback leather briefcase or travel bag (beautiful craftsmanship & indestructible)  has been on my wish list for years.

I spend so much time exploring emerging tech, or just flitting around the internet glancing at things that catch my attention for a moment. In contrast, the Art of Manliness is a steak grilled to perfection, a crackling fire, a mature a cabernet, a 20 year single malt scotch to be savored, explored.

None of the posts are short. You can’t skim through them; they almost never make lists where you can grab the highlights in a few clicks or blinks of the eye. And outside of mastering a very modern medium for their messaging, the Art of Manliness is old school. Shave with a single blade razor. Polish your own shoes. Find the right shoes that will last you a decade or two. Field dress a rabbit.  Their most popular posts from 2013 based on traffic included:

But, traffic isn’t the only measure of the value of a post. Their personal favorites from this year:

A few years ago, I invested a tiny amount of money in my friend Jung Park’s company, Metroboom. It exists for many of the same reasons that the Art of Manliness does. Jung’s goal is to create an environment where men can be men, become men, find mentors, role models and also look awesome doing it – get a shave, haircut, custom shirt, suit, shoes that project the internal persona externally.

Timeless, useful, value based and aspirational. Where are the resources like this for women?

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