Anonymous Heroes

My local newspaper has a news story, by Katie Kerwin Mccrimmon,that police are seeking two men who came across a car accident. Normally, when the police are looking for someone, this is not good news for the people being sought. This time is different.

Aurora police are looking for two mystery men who pulled up to an accident scene on a cold, rainy night in mid-May just as eight other men were trying to lift a mangled car off the female driver, who was barely breathing. The good Samaritans happened to have a hydraulic lift on the back of their pickup. Within seconds, they pulled the car off the woman just as emergency workers arrived on the scene at East Iliff Avenue and South Sedalia Street. Minutes later, before anyone could get the heroes' names, they vanished into the dark night.

The Aurora Police Department wants to give the men an official commendation.

The woman who was under the car, Arleen Meyer, incredibly, is going to make it. She has numerous injuries but suffered no damage to her brain or internal organs.

The two unknown men are not the only heroes from that cold rainy night. Joe Rogers, a former Colorado Lieutenant Governor, also stopped at the crash. He and other good Samaritans flagged downed others – the  8 men who futilely tried to lift the car off of Arleen before the truck with the hydraulic lift arrived.

Heroes all.

3 comments on “Anonymous Heroes
  1. Theresa111 says:

    Perhaps they were angels.

  2. Theresa111 says:

    Perhaps they were angels.

  3. There are angels among us