5280 Chiropractic

A chiropractor recently moved into the building where I work. I had never gone to one before. The scientist in me thinks that much of chiropractic medicine is about as credible as voodoo. And yet, Irene, who I trust implicitly, blogs regularly about how her chiropractor puts her back together again. And so, when my assistant suggested that we try out the new business in our building, I agreed.

I have been going three times a week for the past month. I still think it's voodoo (spinal alignment…leads to cancer…seriously?!) and yet…I feel great. I need to roll over the tennis ball less. My back feels good. I'm not getting as many headaches. The tension in my shoulders is relievable in less than 5 minutes of "adjustment." The convenience and ease of this is spectacular. They have a "monthly" rate where you can essentially walk in three times a week to be adjusted and then lie on one of the spine elongating massage beds. I love the beds. I covet one of the beds in particular. Overall, it's less than what I was paying for a monthly parking space downtown.

If you are in Denver and need a Chiropractor, I highly recommend 5280 Chiropractic.**

**For full FCC disclosure, I think if you let them know I sent you I might win a coffee mug or something.