2005 in Review

I’ve been pondering my personal, professional and fitness goals for 2006 but have not yet found clarity. This past year has simply been amazing.

  • I started this blog almost exactly 1 year ago to help clarify and track my thoughts among other reasons.
  • I have followed the Body-For-Life program for more than a year now.
  • I ran my first running race, a half-marathon.
  • I entered and won (with a friend) the bioscience award in a local Business Plan Competition.
  • I was appointed to be the interim director of my research institute, years ahead of my long term plan.
  • I completed another year of an evening MBA program (just 1 more semester to go).
  • I taught an undergraduate class for the second time this year. I’m hoping that the third time will be the charm this time around.

If you asked me back in December 2004 which of these achievements were even remotely possible, I suspect that I would have laughed at many of these. I would have guaranteed success of only the last two. In part these accomplishments arose due to my adoption of a “just do it” or “carpe diem” type of philosophy. There were small windows of opportunity in which to make an attempt and so I did. It is time to set some new fitness, personal and professional goals. However, I want to ensure that I leave room for those small moments where change is possible. If my goals are too firm, those critical moments could be lost or missed since they most certainly will not be in the plan.  At the very least, new fitness goals will be listed by January 1.

2 comments on “2005 in Review
  1. Kyra says:

    HI Cathy! Fabulous achievements! 🙂 I just wanted to wish you the very best new year, and looking forward to seeing what you do next year! 🙂